Soyer stud welding pistols

The complete range of stud welding machines also includes the choice of various welding guns. Depending on the application, a welding gun can be selected from a complete range of stud welding guns; for capacitor discharge or for short-circuit arc welding with gas protection or with ceramic ring. With the latest developments of a stud welding gun with LED indication that indicates whether the welding condition is good, Soyer takes high-quality stud welding to a higher level.

The PS-9 stud welding gun with innovative user guidance via a multi-colour display is specially designed for use with BMS-9 stud welding machine. The green LED display on the stud welding gun tells the user that the stud welding machine is ready for use. Faults are indicated by the red LED display.

The user-friendly PH-3N stud welding gun offers maximum technical benefits due to its slim and light design. With this stud welding gun, stud welding bolts can be welded effortlessly over long periods of use.

The robust PH-4L and PH-5L stud guns are designed for use in the toughest conditions and are particularly suitable for stud welding bolts with a diameter of more than 12 mm, welded in series production at high continuous welding series. The welding guns are equipped with an adjustable oil damping system to achieve optimum welding results. For more information, please contact us, our staff will be happy to advise you.